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Foxton Parish Council serves the village of Foxton in Cambridgeshire.

Please contact us if you have questions concerning the work of the Parish Council, if you have any concerns that you feel the Council should be aware of or where it can help or support you.

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SCDC Local Plan

On 3 September 2018, South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City Council published the Inspectors’ Reports on their respective Local Plans. The Inspectors have concluded that both Local Plans are ‘sound’ subject to a number of modifications being made, which are appended to the Inspectors’ Reports.

The Inspectors’ Reports are published on the Councils respective websites:

What happens next?

The South Cambridgeshire Local Plan will be presented to a Cabinet meeting in late September before a final decision on adoption is made at a Council meeting on Thursday 27 September 2018. The Cambridge Local Plan will be discussed at a Policy and Transport Scrutiny Committee meeting on Tuesday 2 October 2018 before a final decision on adoption is made at a Council meeting on Thursday 18 October 2018.


Neighbourhood Plan - Call for Sites

Foxton Parish Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan which will give the village more say in planning applications within the Parish.  As part of the development of the plan, the Parish Council would like to invite anyone to come forward with an interest in proposing the development of a site or sites within the Foxton Parish.  More information can be found here and a map of the Neighbourhood Plan can be found here.  The deadline for submissions is 12 October 2018.

To find out more or to see how you can get involved, please visit the Neighbourhood Plan page or visit  www.foxtonnp.org.uk. Here you can find out more about the current progress and register your comments.


Oxford to Cambridge Transport Route

The East West Rail and Network Rail report detailing their route proposal can be found here.  It is understood that the preferred option for the final Oxford-Cambridge ‘East West Rail’ link will be announced in the fourth quarter of 2018.  This will almost certainly see the final Bedford to Cambridge link running via Bassingbourn, Whaddon, Meldreth and joining at Shepreth, though without passenger access unless Bassingbourn Barracks is developed.  It is understood that only this option will be published for consultation.

A community based voluntary think tank led by transport infrastructure civil engineers, CamBedRail Road, have designed an alternative route for the Oxford-Cambridge transport corridor that would follow roughly the A428 corridor and serve existing and future settlements at St Neot’s, Cambourne and Bourn. Parish Councillors from across the region attended a meeting on 25th July to find out more about this.  Further information can be found here.  The window of opportunity to consider alternative options is limited. A public meeting will be held at Shepreth Village Hall on 25 September, 7:30PM to hear the CBRR presentation and learn more about a potentially important alteration to our area.  All are welcome to attend.


Rail Disruption

With regard to the recent disruptions in rail service please contact the Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Rail User Group on railusergroup@gmail.com with feedback on your experiences.  They are collating and forwarding feedback to MP Heid Allen, Govia Thameslink Railway, Network Rail and the Transport Secretary.

The full interim timetable that came into service on 15th July can be found here. The focus of the 15th July timetable is reliability and stability of peak services. Whilst some improvements to peak services can be expected during the year to December, off peak services are likely to remain as per the 15th July timetable until December. Weekend services are expected to be less stable because of planned engineering work. The advice is to check before you travel. A Timetable extract for Cambridge, Foxton, Meldreth, Shepreth, Royston and Kings Cross can be found here.

Up-to-date information is available via the Meldreth Shepreth Foxton Rail Facebook Page here.

The ORR (Office of Rail and Road) is conducting an Inquiry into the May 2018 'network disruption.'  Information can be found here. Individual representations should be made by 31 July.

The Parish Council wrote to Govia Thameslink in August to express its concerns.  The Parish Council's letter and response from Govia Thameslink can be found here.

Barrington Quarry

There was a CEMEX liaison group meeting on Thursday 12th July at Barrington Village Hall. CEMEX and various other bodies, dealing with water management and rail importation, attended. There is a current application to extend the infill works at Barrington Quarry for another 15 years (Application No: S/0204/16/CW).  Our Parish Councillor report on the meeting can be found here.


Proposed Grain Store

The Thriplow Farms planning application for a 10,000-tonne grain store on Fowlmere Road, to replace the existing store in Thriplow, was refused at the SCDC planning committee meeting on 24th April 2018.  For more details, please see the decisions from the SCDC planning committee meeting here.


Proposed developments at Villers Park and Shepreth Road

The proposed developments of up to 20 properties at Villiers Park (S/0087/18/OL) and 32 properties at Shepreth Road (S/0117/18/OL) were refused by SCDC on 7th June 2018.  Details of the decisions regarding Villers Park can be found here and Shepreth Road can be found here.


Conservation Area Appraisal

After work done by the Parish Council in conjunction with SCDC, the proposed update to the Conservation Area has now been agreed by SCDC. The Foxton Conservation Appraisal can be found here.


Current consultations that Foxton residents may be interested in responding to can be found here.


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